Christine Jubb

Christine Jubb is a full time Research Fellow in ANCAAR at The Australian National University, having served previously as Professor of Accounting at Deakin University in Victoria. She has been a member of the Australian Auditing and Assurance Standards Board since 2005. She is co-author of a major auditing textbook, Assurance and Auditing: Concepts for a Changing Environment. She has secured research grants including from the Australian Research Council.

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Keeping Capital Markets Efficient

Publication date: August 2010
At a time when increased independence requirements for auditors, legal backing for auditing standards, and increased audit documentation requirements have occurred, this book examines key issues in the market for audit services in Australia. It investigates issues including: the understandability of audit and the state of the audit expectations gap; auditors’ business acumen and industry expertise; the auditors’ use of materiality; whether or not the increasingly prescriptive nature of auditing is creating a distraction from the ‘real’ audit task and stifling auditors’ judgement; whether or not CLERP 9 reforms involving audit partner rotation and restrictions on non-audit service provision are efficient and effective and reactions to the increasing scrutiny of auditors and audit firms by regulators. With its thorough coverage of contemporary issues, this book intersperses the authors’ summaries, interpretations and recommendations with the perceptions, expressed in their own words in order to faithfully convey their candid assessments, of users of audit reports, purchasers and suppliers of the audit product, auditing standard setters and regulators of the audit market.