Brian Rappert

Brian Rappert

Brian Rappert is a Professor of Science, Technology and Public Affairs in the Department of Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Exeter. His long term interest has been the examination of how choices can and are made about the adoption and regulation of technologies; this particularly in conditions of uncertainty and disagreement.  His books include Controlling the Weapons of War: Politics, Persuasion, and the Prohibition of Inhumanity, Technology & Security (ed), Biotechnology, Security and the Search for Limits; and Education and Ethics in the Life Sciences (ANU Press).  More recently he has been interested in the social, ethical, and epistemological issues associated with researching and writing about secrets, as in his book titled Experimental Secrets

On the Dual Uses of Science and Ethics »

Principles, Practices, and Prospects

Edited by: Brian Rappert, Michael J. Selgelid
ISBN (print): 9781925021332
ISBN (online): 9781925021349
Publication date: December 2013

Education and Ethics in the Life Sciences »

Strengthening the Prohibition of Biological Weapons

Edited by: Brian Rappert
ISBN (print): 9781921666384
ISBN (online): 9781921666391
Publication date: June 2010