Angela Woollacott

Angela Woollacott is the Manning Clark Professor of History, and Head of the School of History, at The Australian National University. Her teaching areas include Australian history, British Empire history, and feminist and postcolonial history. Her most recent books, coedited with Desley Deacon and Penny Russell, are Transnational Ties: Australian Lives in the World (ANU Press, 2008) and Transnational Lives: Biographies of Global Modernity 1700-present (Palgrave Macmillan, 2010). She is currently at work on two books: Race and the Modern Exotic: Three ‘Australian’ Women on Global Display and Settler Society in the Australian Colonies: Self-Government and Imperial Culture.

Transnational Ties »

Australian Lives in the World

Edited by: Desley Deacon, Penny Russell, Angela Woollacott
Australian lives are intricately enmeshed with the world, bound by ties of allegiance and affinity, intellect and imagination. In Transnational Ties: Australian Lives in the World, an eclectic mix of scholars—historians, literary critics, and museologists—trace the flow of people that helped shape Australia’s distinctive character and the flow of ideas that connected Australians to a global community of thought. It shows how biography, and the study of life stories, can contribute greatly to our understanding of such patterns of connection and explores how transnationalism can test biography’s limits as an intellectual, professional and commercial practice.