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  1. François Péron and the Tasmanians: an unrequited romance (PDF, 802KB)
  2. Moving Blackwards: Black Power and the Aboriginal Embassy (PDF, 139KB)
  3. Criminal justice and transgression on northern Australian cattle stations (PDF, 166KB)
  4. Dreaming the circle: indigeneity and the longing for belonging in White Australia (PDF, 1.2MB)
  5. Resisting the captured image: how Gwoja Tjungurrayi, ‘One Pound Jimmy’, escaped the ‘Stone Age’ (PDF, 8.7MB)
  6. On the romances of marriage, love and solitude: freedom and transgression in Cape York Peninsula in the early to mid twentieth century (PDF, 142KB)
  7. ‘Hanging no good for blackfellow’: looking into the life of Musquito (PDF, 161KB)
  8. Leadership: the quandary of Aboriginal societies in crises, 1788 – 1830, and 1966 (PDF, 139KB)
  9. Sedentary topography: the impact of the Christian Mission Society’s ‘civilising’ agenda on the spatial structure of life in the Roper Region of northern Australia (PDF, 796KB)
  10. Sinful enough for Jesus: guilt and Christianisation at Mapoon, Queensland (PDF, 142KB)
  11. Corrupt desires and the wages of sin: Indigenous people, missionaries and male sexuality, 1830-1850 (PDF, 153KB)