Negotiating the Sacred II »

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Section I: Understanding Blasphemy and Sacrilege

  1. Blasphemy and sacrilege: A challenge to secularisation and theories of the modern? (PDF, 129KB)
  2. ‘The devil’s centres of operation’: English theatre and the charge of blasphemy, 1698–1708 (PDF, 137KB)
  3. Madonna and piano accordion: Disrupting the order of the world (PDF, 140KB)
  4. Materialising the sacred (PDF, 129KB)

Section II: Motivations for Artistic Blasphemy

  1. Blasphemy and sacrilege in the novel of magic realism: Grass, Bulgakov, and Rushdie (PDF, 129KB)
  2. Les fees ont soif: Feminist, iconoclastic or blasphemous? (PDF, 138KB)
  3. The body of Christ: Blasphemy as a necessary transgression? (PDF, 121KB)

Section III: Reinterpreting Freedom of Expression

  1. The monologue of liberalism and its imagination of the sacred in minority cultures (PDF, 188KB)
  2. Blasphemy in a pluralistic society (PDF, 143KB)

Section IV: Self-expression and Restriction

  1. Blasphemy and the art of the political and devotional (PDF, 824KB)
  2. Negotiating the sacred body in Iranian cinema(s): National, physical and cinematic embodiment in Majid Majidi’s Baran (2002) (PDF, 136KB)
  3. Silence as a way of knowing in Yolngu Indigenous Australian storytelling (PDF, 161KB)