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  1. Indigenous Peoples' Innovation and Intellectual Property: The Issues (PDF, 209KB)
  2. Ancient but New: Developing Locally Driven Enterprises Based on Traditional Medicines in Kuuku I'yu Northern Kaanju Homelands, Cape York, Queensland, Australia (PDF, 343KB)
  3. 'It would be good to know where our food goes': Information Equals Power? (PDF, 133KB)
  4. Biopiracy and the Innovations of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (PDF, 287KB)
  5. Indigenous Cultural Heritage and Fair Trade: Voluntary Certification Standards in the Light of WIPO and WTO Law and Policy-making (PDF, 198KB)
  6. Traditional Innovation and the Ongoing Debate on the Protection of Geographical Indications (PDF, 198KB)
  7. The Branding of Traditional Cultural Expressions: To Whose Benefit? (PDF, 175KB)
  8. The Pacific Solution: The European Union's Intellectual Property Rights Activism in Australia's and New Zealand's Sphere of Influence (PDF, 190KB)
  9. Do You Want it Gift Wrapped?: Protecting Traditional Knowledge in the Pacific Island Countries (PDF, 194KB)