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  1. Brokering in colonial exploration: Biographies, geographies and histories (PDF, 141KB) – Tiffany Shellam, Maria Nugent, Shino Konishi and Allison Cadzow doi
  2. Bennelong and Gogy: Strategic brokers in colonial New South Wales (PDF, 167KB) – Shino Konishi doi
  3. ‘Race’, intimacy and go-betweens in French–West Papuan encounters (PDF, 185KB) – Nicole Starbuck doi
  4. Aboriginal guides in the Hunter Valley, New South Wales (PDF, 173KB) – Mark Dunn doi
  5. Guided by her: Aboriginal women’s participation in Australian expeditions (PDF, 1.8MB) – Allison Cadzow doi
  6. Bobby Roberts: Intermediary and outlaw of Western Australia’s south coast (PDF, 182KB) – Clint Bracknell doi
  7. Mediating the imaginary and the space of encounter in the Papuan Gulf (PDF, 1.7MB) – Dario Di Rosa doi
  8. Local agency and William MacGregor’s exploration of the Trobriand Islands (PDF, 1.7MB) – Andrew Connelly doi
  9. Explorers & co. in interior New Guinea, 1872–1928 (PDF, 1.7MB) – Chris Ballard doi