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Part I – Tapu and rahui: Traditions and pluralistic organisation of society

  1. Political power and rahui in ancient Polynesian society (PDF, 197KB) – Bernard Rigo doi
  2. Ancient magic and religious trends of the rāhui on the atoll of Anaa, Tuamotu (PDF, 1.1MB) – Frédéric Torrente doi
  3. Tapu and kahui in the Marquesas (PDF, 131KB) – Pierre Ottino-Garanger, Marie-Noëlle Ottino-Garanger, Bernard Rigo and Edgar Tetahiotupa doi
  4. I uta i tai — a preliminary account of ra’ui on Mangaia, Cook Islands (PDF, 2.2MB)Rod Dixon doi
  5. Technical exploitation and ‘ritual’ management of resources in Napuka and Tepoto (Tuamotu Archipelago) (PDF, 473KB) – Eric Conte doi
  6. The law of rahui in the Society Islands (PDF, 185KB) – Tamatoa Bambridge doi

Part II – Rahui today as state‑custom pluralism

  1. Protection of natural resources through a sacred prohibition: The rahui on Rapa iti (PDF, 468KB) – Christian Ghasarian doi
  2. From traditional to modern management in Fakarava (PDF, 414KB) – Lorin Thorax doi
  3. European contact and systems of governance on Tongareva (PDF, 143KB) – Charlotte N. L. Chambers doi
  4. Traditional marine resources and their use in contemporary Hawai‘i (PDF, 294KB) – Alan M. Friedlander, Janna M. Shackeroff and John N. Kittinger doi
  5. Providing for rāhui in the law of Aotearoa New Zealand (PDF, 197KB) – Jacinta Ruru and Nicola Wheen doi
  6. Uncanny rights and the ambiguity of state authority in the Gambier Islands (PDF, 163KB) – Alexander Mawyer doi