Editorial boards

ANU Press has a number of editorial boards, specialising in disciplines that align with the University’s strategic direction. If you wish to submit a proposal to ANU Press, you will need to know which editorial board is the most appropriate one to submit your work to. If you are not sure which board your manuscript is most relevant to, please email us before submitting your proposal.

Editorial board Contact person
Aboriginal History Monographs Laura Rademaker
Anthropology in Pacific and Asian Studies Matt Tomlinson
Asian Studies Robert Cribb
Asia-Pacific Environment Monographs Colin Filer
Asia-Pacific Linguistics Bethwyn Evans
Asia-Pacific Security Studies Pauline Kerr
Australia and the World Paul Pickering
Biography Melanie Nolan
China in the World Ari Heinrich
Comparative Austronesian James J. Fox
Humanities and Creative Arts Nicolas Peterson
Islam in Southeast Asia Eva Nisa
Languages and Linguistics Janit Feangfu
Law Jason M. Chin
LCNAU Studies in Languages and Cultures Xiaoping Gao
Music Kim Cunio
Pacific Stewart Firth
Perspectives on Europe Katarzyna Kwapisz Williams
Public Policy Andrew Kennedy
Science and Engineering Farid Rahimi
Social Sciences Frank Bongiorno
Asian Australian Studies Jacqueline Lo
Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR) Deirdre Howard-Wagner
Environmental History Ruth Morgan
Summations James J. Fox
Terra Australis Sally Brockwell
New Releases