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  1. If we redesigned copyright from scratch, what might it look like? (PDF, 0.2MB)Rebecca Giblin and Kimberlee Weatherall doi
  2. Copyright, creators and society’s need for autonomous art – the blessing and curse of monetary incentives (PDF, 0.3MB)Martin Senftleben doi
  3. Copyright as an access right: Securing cultural participation through the protection of creators’ interests (PDF, 0.3MB)Christophe Geiger doi
  4. What should copyright protect? (PDF, 0.3MB)R Anthony Reese doi
  5. Making copyright markets work for creators, consumers and the public interest (PDF, 0.2MB) – Jeremy de Beer doi
  6. Reimagining copyright’s duration (PDF, 0.3MB)Rebecca Giblin doi
  7. Copyright formalities: A return to registration? (PDF, 0.2MB)Dev S Gangjee doi
  8. Calibrating copyright for creators and consumers: Promoting distributive justice and Ubuntu (PDF, 0.2MB)Caroline B Ncube doi
  9. A reimagined approach to copyright enforcement from a regulator’s perspective (PDF, 0.2MB)Kimberlee Weatherall doi
  10. A collection of impossible ideas (PDF, 0.2MB)Rebecca Giblin and Kimberlee Weatherall doi