Terra Australis

Terra Australis reports the results of archaeological and related research within the south and east of Asia, though mainly Australia, New Guinea and island Melanesia — lands that remained terra australis incognita to generations of prehistorians. Its subject is the settlement of the diverse environments in this isolated quarter of the globe by peoples who have maintained their discrete and traditional ways of life into the recent recorded or remembered past and at times into the observable present.

Terra Australis monographs 1 to 20 are available to download via the Open Research repository.

Please note: The following list of titles is sorted by publication date, with the most recent first.

New Directions in Archaeological Science »

Edited by: Andrew Fairbairn, Sue O'Connor, Ben Marwick
Publication date: February 2009

Archaeological Science meetings will have a personality of their own depending on the focus of the host archaeological fraternity itself.

Dreamtime Superhighway »

Sydney Basin Rock Art and Prehistoric Information Exchange

Authored by: Jo McDonald
Publication date: August 2008

Dreamtime Superhighway presents a thorough and original contextualization of the rock art and archaeology of the Sydney Basin.

Islands of Inquiry »

Colonisation, seafaring and the archaeology of maritime landscapes

Edited by: Geoffrey Clark, Foss Leach, Sue O'Connor
Publication date: June 2008

This collection makes a substantial contribution to several highly topical areas of archaeological inquiry.

Oceanic Explorations »

Lapita and Western Pacific Settlement

Edited by: Stuart Bedford, Christophe Sand, Sean P. Connaughton
Publication date: November 2007

Lapita comprises an archaeological horizon that is fundamental to the understanding of human colonisation and settlement of the Pacific as it is associated with the arrival of the common ancestors of the Polynesians and many Austronesian-speaking

Lithics in the Land of the Lightning Brothers »

The Archaeology of Wardaman Country, Northern Territory

Authored by: Chris Clarkson
Publication date: September 2007

Lithics in the Land of the Lightning Brothers skilfully integrates a wide range of data-raw-material procurement, tool design, reduction and curation, patterns of distribution and association-to reveal the major outlines of Wardaman prehi

Pieces of the Vanuatu Puzzle »

Archaeology of the North, South and Centre

Authored by: Stuart Bedford
Publication date: February 2007

Pieces of the Vanuatu Puzzle presents the results of the most intensive and widespread archaeological investigations in Vanuatu for more than 30 years.

The Archaeology of the Aru Islands, Eastern Indonesia »

Edited by: Sue O'Connor, Matthew Spriggs, Peter Veth
Publication date: February 2007

This volume describes the results of the first archaeological survey and excavations carried out in the fascinating and remote Aru Islands, Eastern Indonesia between 1995 and 1997.

What's Changing: Population Size or Land-Use Patterns? »

The archaeology of Upper Mangrove Creek, Sydney Basin

Authored by: Val Attenbrow
Publication date: February 2007

The Upper Mangrove Creek catchment was an ideal locality in which to undertake field investigation into Aboriginal use of the coastal hinterland.

Coastal Themes »

An Archaeology of the Southern Curtis Coast, Queensland

Authored by: Sean Ulm
Publication date: December 2006