Islam in Southeast Asia

For the past two decades, The Australian National University has had a program for the study of Islam in Southeast Asia. Over the years, this program has produced an impressive array of graduates, many of them from the region, whose theses document the variety and vitality of Islam in Southeast Asia. Since much of this original research has not been readily available to the global community of Islamic scholars, this series of publications is intended to make this research internationally accessible.

Please note: The following list of titles is sorted by publication date, with the most recent first.

Maudu' »

A Way of Union with God

Authored by: Muhammad Adlin Sila
Publication date: November 2015

This volume offers a fascinating case study of the Sayyid community of Cikoang in South Sulawesi – in particular, an examination of the role of the descendants of Sayyid Jalaluddin al-‘Aidid, a Hadhrami merchant-teacher of great authority and char

The Struggle of the Shi‘is in Indonesia »

Authored by: Zulkifli
Publication date: November 2013

The Struggle of the Shi‘is in Indonesia is a pioneering work. It is the first comprehensive scholarly examination in English of the development of Shiism in Indonesia.

Rituals of Islamic Spirituality »

A Study of Majlis Dhikr Groups in East Java

Authored by: Arif Zamhari
Publication date: July 2010

This study examines the emergence of new forms of Islamic spirituality in Indonesia identified as Majlis Dhikr.

Islamising Indonesia »

The Rise of Jemaah Tarbiyah and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS)

Authored by: Yon Machmudi
Publication date: November 2008

The Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) is the most interesting phenomenon in contemporary Indonesian politics.

The Workshop for Morality »

The Islamic Creativity of Pesantren Daarut Tauhid in Bandung, Java

Authored by: Dindin Solahudin
Publication date: August 2008

This volume is a remarkable study of a most unusual pesantren. Officially known as Pesantren Daarut Tauhid, this pesantren was located in Bandung and flourished at the beginning of a period of Islamic resurgence in Indonesia.

Signs of the Wali »

Narratives at the Sacred Sites in Pamijahan, West Java

Authored by: Tommy Christomy
Publication date: April 2008

In Signs of the Wali, Dr Tommy Christomy focuses on the one of the early founders of Islam on Java, Shakyh Abdul Muhyi, whose burial site at Pamijahan in Tasikmalaya is a place of contemporary ziarah.

Struggling for the Umma »

Changing Leadership Roles of Kiai in Jombang, East Java

Authored by: Endang Turmudi
Publication date: October 2007

This thesis focuses on the relationship of Indonesian kiai (‘ulama: religious leaders) in Jombang to their wider social and political situation.

A Quest for True Islam »

A Study of the Islamic Resurgence Movement among the Youth in Bandung, Indonesia

Authored by: Rifki Rosyad
Publication date: July 2007

This study presents the contemporary Islamic resurgence movement among young people in Bandung Indonesia, focusing on its emergence, development and routinisation.

Reformist Muslims in a Yogyakarta Village »

The Islamic Transformation of Contemporary Socio-Religious Life

Authored by: Hyung-Jun Kim
Publication date: March 2007

This study examines the religious life of reformist Muslims in a Yogyakarta village.

The Islamic Traditions of Cirebon »

Ibadat and Adat Among Javanese Muslims

Authored by: A.G. Muhaimin
Publication date: November 2006

This work deals with the socio-religious traditions of the Javanese Muslims living in Cirebon, a region on the north coast in the eastern part of West Java. It examines a wide range of popular traditional religious beliefs and practices.