Global Thinkers Series

The Global Thinkers Series is an initiative of the Public Policy Editorial Board at the ANU Press. The series was launched in 2020 to highlight the writings of internationally acclaimed Australia-based scholars, particularly those working in policy-relevant fields. Each volume is a capstone book, collecting the essential writings of one scholar, showcasing how their ideas developed over time, and putting each contribution in perspective. The series also offers each scholar an opportunity to reflect on their own intellectual evolution and to consider how their ideas help to illuminate contemporary questions. It is our hope that each collection will testify to the durability and relevance of academic scholarship in today’s world.

Please note: The following list of titles is sorted by publication date, with the most recent first.

On the Frontiers of History »

Rethinking East Asian Borders

Authored by: Tessa Morris-Suzuki
Publication date: August 2020

Why is it that we so readily accept the boundary lines drawn around nations or around regions like ‘Asia’ as though they were natural and self-evident, when in fact they are so mutable and often so very arbitrary?