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  1. Restorative justice in the pacific islands: An introduction (PDF, 136KB)Sinclair Dinnen doi
  2. The fundamentals of restorative justice (PDF, 73KB)John Braithwaite doi
  3. The age of steam: constructed identity and recalcitrant youth in a Papua New Guinea village (PDF, 111KB)Michael Goddard doi
  4. Tribal warfare and transformative justice in the New Guinea highlands (PDF, 184KB)Alan Rumsey doi
  5. Restorative justice and women in Vanuatu (PDF, 69KB)Rita Naviti doi
  6. Vanuatu law, the police and restorative justice (PDF, 66KB)Peter Bong doi
  7. Restorative programs in the formal justice system of Vanuatu Honourable (PDF, 67KB)Justice Vincent Lunabek doi
  8. Conflict resolution in a multi-cultural urban setting in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 69KB)John Ivoro doi
  9. Restorative justice in Papua New Guinea: A collaborative effort (PDF, 74KB)Ruby Zarriga doi
  10. Rehabilitation for change in Fiji: a women’s initiative (PDF, 96KB)Peni Moore doi
  11. The Vanuatu cultural centre’s juvenile justice project (PDF, 71KB)Joemela Simeon doi
  12. The Lakalakabulu area council of chiefs in Vanuatu (PDF, 55KB)Paul Vuhu doi
  13. Re-inventing the cultural wheel: re-conceptualising restorative justice and peace building in ethnically divided Fiji (PDF, 98KB)Steven Ratuva doi
  14. Informal justice in law and justice reform in the pacific region (PDF, 86KB)Alumita Durutalo doi
  15. Restorative justice in the Solomon Islands (PDF, 88KB)Father Norman Arkwright doi
  16. Bougainville women’s role in conflict resolution in the Bougainville peace process (PDF, 95KB)Ruth Saovana-Spriggs doi
  17. Restorative justice in Bougainville (PDF, 143KB)Pat Howley doi
  18. A marriage of custom and introduced skills: Restorative justice Bougainville style (PDF, 82KB)John Tombot doi