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  1. Who Cares What They Think? John Winston Howard, William Morris Hughes and the Pragmatic Vision of Australian National Sovereignty (PDF, 105KB) John Fitzgerald
  2. ‘Before we came to this country, we heard that English laws were good and kind to everybody’: Chinese Immigrants’ Views of Colonial Australia (PDF, 94KB) Paul Macgregor
  3. Australian Lovers: Chingchong Chinaman, Chinese Identity and Hybrid Confusion (PDF, 86KB) Kam Louie
  4. Haigui: A Keyword for 2003 (PDF, 279KB) Ouyang Yu


  1. Murakami Haruki’s Sydney Diary (PDF, 67KB) Leith Morton
  2. Tampa in Japan: East Asian Responses to Australia’s Refugee Policy (PDF, 89KB) Tessa Morris-Suzuki
  3. ‘Japanese’ Accounts of Australia: A Player’s View (PDF, 58KB) Yoshio Sugimoto
  4. Reading Japanese Reflections of Australia (PDF, 56KB) Masayo Tada


  1. Asian Australian Studies in Asia: China and Japan (PDF, 76KB) David Carter
  2. Australia as Model or Moral (PDF, 55KB) Alison Broinowski