China Story Yearbook

The China Story Yearbook series collects and shapes Chinese contemporary stories from multiple voices and different perspectives under an annual theme for a broad and interested public and professional audience. It presents the larger Chinese realities, possibilities and uncertainties, and suggests how the past and present may sculpt the future.

Please note: The following list of titles is sorted by publication date, with the most recent first.


Prosperity »

Edited by: Jane Golley, Linda Jaivin
ISBN (print): 9781760462024
ISBN (online): 9781760462031
Publication date: April 2018

Control »

Edited by: Jane Golley, Linda Jaivin, Luigi Tomba
ISBN (print): 9781760461195
ISBN (online): 9781760461201
Publication date: June 2017
China Story Yearbook 2015: Pollution

Pollution »

Edited by: Gloria Davies, Jeremy Goldkorn, Luigi Tomba
ISBN (print): 9781760460686
ISBN (online): 9781760460693
Publication date: September 2016

Shared Destiny »

Edited by: Geremie R Barmé, Linda Jaivin, Jeremy Goldkorn
ISBN (print): 9781925022933
ISBN (online): 9781925022940
Publication date: November 2015