ANU Press Archive 1965–1991

A massive project undertaken by ANU Press and the ANU Digitisation Team has seen over 500 scholarly works, originally published by The Australian National University between 1965–1991, made available to a global audience under its open-access policy. This collection is now available below.

Documents and correspondence on New Guinea's boundaries »

Author/Editors: Van der Veur, Paul W
Publication date: 1966

The Dolphin »

Author/Editors: Auchterlonie, Dorothy
Publication date: 1967

The double-cross system in the war of 1939 to 1945 »

Author/Editors: Masterman, J. C.
Publication date: 1972

Dream and disillusion : a search for Australian cultural identity »

Author/Editors: Walker, David
Publication date: 1976

Drivers' licences and vehicles in the Australian Capital Territory »

Author/Editors: Troy, Patrick Nicol
Publication date: 1968

Economic activities of women in rural Java : are the data adequate? »

Author/Editors: Moir, Hazel V. J.
Publication date: 1980

The economic constitution of federal states »

Author/Editors: Breton, Albert
Publication date: 1978

The economic development of Thai agriculture »

Author/Editors: Silcock, Thomas H.
Publication date: 1970

An economic evaluation of national parks »

Author/Editors: Ulph, Alistair
Publication date: 1981

Economic fluctuations in Australia, 1948 to 1964 »

Author/Editors: Waterman, Anthony Michael C
Publication date: 1972

The economics of natural disaster relief in Australia »

Author/Editors: Butler, J. R. G.
Publication date: 1979

The economics of population : an introduction »

Author/Editors: Pitchford, J. D.
Publication date: 1974

Education and the child »

Publication date: 1978

Education and university enrolment policies in China, 1949-1971 »

Author/Editors: Taylor, Robert Irvine Davison
Publication date: 1973

The Elder Smith Goldsbrough Mort merger »

Author/Editors: Manning, Geoffrey Arthur
Publication date: 1970

Elements of the megalithic complex in Southeast Asia: an annotated bibliography »

Author/Editors: Loofs-Wissowa, H. H. E.
Publication date: 1967

The emigrant family or The story of an Australian settler »

Author/Editors: Harris, Alexander
Publication date: 1967

Emigrant gentlewomen : genteel poverty and female emigration, 1830-1914 »

Author/Editors: Hammerton, A. James
Publication date: 1979

English transported : essays on Australasian English »

Author/Editors: Ramson, W. S.
Publication date: 1970