ANU Press Archive 1965–1991

A massive project undertaken by ANU Press and the ANU Digitisation Team has seen over 500 scholarly works, originally published by The Australian National University between 1965–1991, made available to a global audience under its open-access policy. This collection is now available below.

A bone flute : poems »

Author/Editors: Martin, Philip John Talbot
Publication date: 1974

The Book of Luelen »

Author/Editors: Bernart, Luelen
Publication date: 1977

British immigrants and Australia : a psycho-social inquiry »

Author/Editors: Richardson, Alan
Publication date: 1974

The broken years : Australian soldiers in the Great War »

Author/Editors: Gammage, Bill
Publication date: 1974

The budget and the plan in China : central-local economic relations »

Author/Editors: Donnithorne, Audrey
Publication date: 1972

Building a terrace »

Author/Editors: Brissenden, R. F
Publication date: 1975

Canberra »

Publication date: 1978

Canberra : site and city »

Author/Editors: Linge, G. J. R
Publication date: 1975

The Canberra fisherman »

Author/Editors: Pratt, Bryan Harry
Publication date: 1979

Canberra region car tours »

Author/Editors: Barrow, Graeme Thomas
Publication date: 1981

Canberra's embassies »

Author/Editors: Barrow, Graeme Thomas
Publication date: 1978

Capitalism, primitive and modern : some aspects of Tolai economic growth »

Author/Editors: Epstein, T. Scarlett
Publication date: 1968

Causality in economics »

Author/Editors: Hicks, John
Publication date: 1980

Cementing rotors for the Canberra Homopolar generator »

Author/Editors: Hibbard, Leonard Ulysses
Publication date: 1967

Chemistry in the market place »

Author/Editors: Selinger, B. K.
Publication date: 1978

A chemistry laboratory manual for first-year university »

Author/Editors: Daly, Neil James
Publication date: 1967

China in Burma's foreign policy »

Author/Editors: Pettman, Ralph
Publication date: 1973

China and the world »

Author/Editors: Fitzgerald, Stephen
Publication date: 1977

China, ancient kilns and modern ceramics : a guide to the potteries »

Author/Editors: Garnsey, Wanda
Publication date: 1983

China's world; the foreign policy of a developing state »

Author/Editors: Simmonds, John Derrington
Publication date: 1970