ANU Press Archive 1965–1991

A massive project undertaken by ANU Press and the ANU Digitisation Team has seen over 500 scholarly works, originally published by The Australian National University between 1965–1991, made available to a global audience under its open-access policy. This collection is now available below.

The whale in darkness »

Author/Editors: Brissenden, R. F
Publication date: 1980

White man got no dreaming : essays 1938-1973 »

Author/Editors: Stanner, W. E. H.
Publication date: 1979

Why ethnic schools : selected case studies »

Author/Editors: Kringas, Paul R
Publication date: 1980

Why poor people stay poor : a study of urban bias in world development »

Author/Editors: Lipton, Michael
Publication date: 1977

Words and their meanings »

Author/Editors: Ullmann, Stephen
Publication date: 1974

Yugul : an Arnhem Land cattle station »

Author/Editors: Thiele, Steven
Publication date: 1982

The Yunnan provincial faction, 1927-1937 »

Author/Editors: Hall, J. C. S
Publication date: 1976