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  1. Introduction—The Policy Background and the Policy Framework (PDF, 297KB)
  2. The ANZACS, Part 1—The Frigate that wasn’t a Frigate (PDF, 188KB)
  3. Oranges and Lemons—HMNZS Charles Upham (PDF, 180KB)
  4. ‘No, Minister….’—The ANZAC Frigates, Part II (PDF, 159KB)
  5. ‘The Deal of the Century’—The F-16s (PDF, 192KB)
  6. ‘I see no submarines’—Upgrading the Orions (PDF, 153KB)
  7. Plotting and Sedition, or Necessary Acquisition? The LAV IIIs (PDF, 182KB)
  8. Politics and Processes: Reflections on the Characteristics of the Decision-Making Process (PDF, 111KB)