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Part 1 – The Past and Current Situation

  1. Australian Land Use Policy and Planning: The Challenges (PDF, 0.1MB)Richard Thackway doi
  2. A Retrospective: The Influence of Rob Lesslie—Landscape Scientist, Geographer and Natural Resources Land Use Planner (PDF, 0.7MB)Richard Thackway doi
  3. Reprint: Land Use and Management—The Australian Context (PDF, 0.3MB)Rob Lesslie and Jodie Mewett doi
  4. Does Public Policy Obey Data, Information and Maps? (PDF, 0.1MB)Stephen Dovers doi

Part 2 – Ad Hoc or Strategic Responses

  1. Addressing a Lost Opportunity: Towards Science-Informed Land Use Planning (PDF, 0.2MB)Darryl Low Choy doi
  2. Responding to Land Use Pressures: A State and Territory Perspective (PDF, 1.9MB)Richard W. Hicks doi
  3. Balancing Land Use Trade-Offs: The Role of Wilderness in Nature Conservation (PDF, 0.1MB)Jason Irving doi
  4. The Impacts of Land Use Change on Biodiversity in Australia (PDF, 0.3MB)John Neldner doi

Part 3 – Working to Achieve National Coordination

  1. National Coordination of Data and Information to Inform Land Use Policies and Programs: The Recent Past, the Present and Ideas for the Future (PDF, 0.2MB)Richard Thackway doi
  2. Understanding Soil Change: Institutional Requirements to Ensure Australia’s National Preparedness (PDF, 0.2MB)Neil McKenzie doi

Part 4 – Social and Natural Drivers of Change

  1. Environmental Conflict: Engaging with Scientific Information and Community Activism (PDF, 0.2MB)Jacki Schirmer doi
  2. The Role and Importance of Coordinated Land Information to Support Landscape Connectivity Initiatives (PDF, 0.4MB)Gary Howling and Ian Pulsford doi
  3. Monitoring and Reporting Land Use Change and Its Effects on the Queensland Environment (PDF, 1.1MB)Paul Lawrence, Craig Shephard, Phillip Norman, Christina Jones and Christian Witte doi
  4. Down Payments on National Environmental Accounts (PDF, 1.8MB)Michael Vardon, John Ovington, Valdis Juskevics, John Purcell and Mark Eigenraam doi
  5. Elephants in the Kitchen: Responding to the Challenge of Rapidly Changing Climate and Land Use (PDF, 0.1MB)Brendan Mackey doi

Part 5 – Visions for the Future

  1. The Future for Land Use Mapping: National E-Infrastructure, Modelling Analytics, Synthesis and Securing Institutional Capacity (PDF, 0.3MB)Tim Clancy, Brett A. Bryan and Siddeswara M. Guru doi
  2. Land Use Planning as a Collective Learning Spiral: The Case of Regenerative Landscape Policy and Practice (PDF, 0.6MB)Richard Thackway, Valerie A. Brown, David Marsh and John A. Harris doi