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  1. ‘The People Have Spoken …’ (PDF, 136KB) – Steven Ratuva and Stephanie Lawson doi
  2. Shifting democracy: Electoral changes in Fiji (PDF, 208KB) – Steven Ratuva doi
  3. Chiefly leadership in Fiji after the 2014 elections (PDF, 158KB) – Stephanie Lawson doi
  4. Fiji Indians and the Fiji general elections of 2014: Between a rock and a hard place and a few other spots in between (PDF, 163KB) – Brij V Lal doi
  5. ‘Unfree and unfair’?: Media intimidation in Fiji’s 2014 elections (PDF, 180KB) – David Robie doi
  6. From the land to the sea: Christianity, community and state in Fiji—and the 2014 elections (PDF, 180KB) – Lynda Newland doi
  7. Native land policy in the 2014 elections (PDF, 427KB) – Sefanaia Sakai doi
  8. Fiji elections and the youth vote—token or active citizenship? (PDF, 162KB) – Patrick Vakaoti doi
  9. The Fiji military and the 2014 elections (PDF, 145KB) – Jone Baledrokadroka doi
  10. The genesis of the Social Democratic Liberal Party: A struggle against the odds (PDF, 157KB) – Pio Tabaiwalu doi
  11. ‘Not with a bang but a whimper’: SODELPA and the 2014 elections (PDF, 159KB) – Scott MacWilliam doi
  12. Fiji’s evolving foreign policy and Pacific multilateral order: Pre- and post-election (PDF, 162KB) – Alex Stewart doi
  13. A pragmatic approach to a successful election: A personal reflection (PDF, 147KB) – Alisi Daurewa doi
  14. Observing the 2014 Fiji general elections (PDF, 140KB) – Leonard Chan doi
  15. Concluding note: The election to end all coups? (PDF, 87KB) – Steven Ratuva and Stephanie Lawson doi