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  1. Understanding Indigenous Australian governance—research, theory and representations (PDF, 201KB)

Part 1. The governance environment

  1. Between a rock and a hard place: self-determination, mainstreaming and Indigenous community governance (PDF, 143KB)
  2. Constraints on researchers acting as change agents (PDF, 120KB)

Part 2. Culture, power and the intercultural

  1. Cultures of governance and the governance of culture: transforming and containing Indigenous institutions in West Arnhem Land (PDF, 806KB)
  2. Whose governance, for whose good? The Laynhapuy Homelands Association and the neo-assimilationist turn in Indigenous policy (PDF, 852KB)
  3. Regenerating governance on Kaanju homelands (PDF, 207KB)

Part 3. Institutions of Indigenous governance

  1. Different governance for difference: the Bawinanga Aboriginal Corporation (PDF, 291KB)
  2. The business of governing: building institutional capital in an urban enterprise (PDF, 460KB)
  3. Indigenous leaders and leadership: agents of networked governance (PDF, 443KB)

Part 4. Contesting cultural geographies of governance

  1. Noongar Nation (PDF, 221KB)
  2. Regionalism that respects localism: the Anmatjere Community Government Council and beyond (PDF, 938KB)

Part 5. Rebuilding governance

  1. Incorporating cattle: governance and an Aboriginal pastoral enterprise (PDF, 168KB)
  2. Mapping expectations around a ‘governance review’ exercise of a West Kimberley organisation (PDF, 268KB)