ANU Press Textbooks grant scheme

The ANU Press Textbooks grant scheme seeks to support ANU academics in publishing digital textbooks through the ANU Press Textbook imprint.

The ANU Textbooks grant scheme closely aligns with the ANU Vice-Chancellor’s Teaching Enhancement Grants to support innovative and creative initiatives and projects. Applicants should make use of this information when filling in their grant applications.


Funded by the ANU Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), the scheme provides ANU scholars with up to $10,000 to assist in the production of their textbooks. These funds can be used to cover any of the cost-incurring elements of book production that are not provided by ANU Press itself, including:

  • Professional copyediting
  • Professional indexing
  • ePub development if your textbook includes interactive elements such as quizzes, and videos fees associated with using copyright-protected material
  • Sound and/or video recording resources.


To be eligible for the scheme, applicants must:

  • Be currently engaged as ANU teaching staff
  • Provide proof of support from their College Dean
  • Have funding from other sources—this may include funds from an institution, school or college or grant/award. These funds may be for authoring the content, technical processing of the content or other direct costs of producing the textbook. (Funding for travel or administrative overheads such as PCs are not eligible.) Preference will be given to those applications that have funding that matches the amount applied for.


The ANU Press Textbooks grant scheme will be awarded under the following conditions:

  • The proposed textbook must be published through ANU Press under the ANU Press Textbooks imprint
  • The proposal must have funding support from other sources (preference will be given to those applications that have funding that matches the amount applied for)
  • The textbook must be published within 12 months, or the subsidy will be reclaimed
  • If the manuscript is not published within 12 months, any spent portion of the subsidy will need to be repaid to the University
  • The author will accept responsibility for any costs associated with publishing their textbook that are not covered by the grant
  • The author will accept responsibility of all ongoing costs beyond the grant
  • Priority will be given to applicants whose manuscript is complete or close to completion.

​Application process

Applications for the ANU Press Textbooks grant scheme should be sent only after you have submitted a textbook proposal to ANU Press. Once you have submitted your textbook proposal, please download and complete the Grant Scheme Application Form (DOCX, 202 KB) and send it to ANU Press, along with:

  • A letter from your college(s) or institution(s) supporting the quality of the proposed textbook
  • Signed confirmation of support in applying for funding from the lead applicant’s college
  • Signed proposal endorsement from College Dean or Associate Dean and all applicants.