Law Editorial Board

The ANU Press Law Editorial Board welcomes thoughtful proposals from both established and emerging academics for full-length monographs (about 80,000–100,000 words), edited collections and shortform books (about 30,000–40000 words) in all areas of law and legal studies. We welcome proposals from scholars based anywhere in the world. We especially welcome proposals touching upon novel, cutting-edge and emerging areas of legal research, including ideas based on interdisciplinary approaches, as well as works focused on the intersection of law and public policy.

With its well-established presence in legal publishing, ANU Press Law Editorial Board titles enjoy a truly global audience including researchers, students, academics, practitioners and policymakers. At ANU Press, we strive to make knowledge accessible to all through our open-access ebooks and remain fully committed to nurturing emerging legal scholars from across the world.

Board Members

  • Dr Jason M Chin, ANU College of Law
  • Dr Neha Mishra, Geneva Graduate Institute
  • Dr Celine Van Golde, University of Sydney
  • Leon Y Xiao, IT University of Copenhagen
New Releases

Titles published by this board