Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research (CAEPR)

The CAEPR Research Monograph series focuses primarily on Australian Indigenous affairs. It publishes monographs and edited volumes that report on and analyse the results of primary research, and the proceedings of CAEPR workshops and conferences. Established in 1991, the series provides a unique, multidisciplinary commentary on major themes and issues in the Indigenous policy landscape over time.


  • Dr Francis Markham, Research Fellow


  • Dr Yonatan Dinku, Research Fellow
  • Dr Diane Smith, Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Julie Lahn, Fellow
  • Dr Seán Kerins, Fellow
  • Bhiamie Williamson, First Nations Research Associate and PhD candidate
  • Minda Murray, First Nations Research Associate
  • Hon Assoc Prof Frances Morphy, Visiting Fellow


  • Ms Annette Kimber, Centre Administrator, CAEPR
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