ANU Press Advisory Committee

Terms of reference for committee

The committee may advise the University Librarian or the ANU Executive on:

  • matters relating to the University’s publishing program including achieving world-class publications and high impact and engagement
  • major issues relevant to the University’s Press plans and overarching policy
  • any matter referred to the Committee by the Editorial Board Chairs, the Director of Scholarly Information Services or the ANU Executive.

Meeting frequency

Twice a year



  • Professor James Fox


  • Professor Frank Bongiorno, School of History
  • Professor Brian Kennett, Research School of Earth Sciences
  • Ms Frances Morphy, Honorary Associate Professor and Visiting Fellow, CAEPR
  • Colin Steele, Emeritus Fellow
  • Professor John Wanna, Sir John Bunting Chair of Public Administration, The Australia and New Zealand School of Government

External member

  • Dr Frances Pinter

Secretariat & Exofficio

  • University Librarian
  • ANU Press Manager