ANU Press

ANU Press is our primary imprint where high-quality, peer-reviewed monographs and journals covering a range of disciplines are published. Each submission is passed through a rigorous evaluation process by the appropriate Editorial Board and must meet the minimum requirements of originality, enduring worth or value, substantial contribution to scholarship, fitness for purpose, structural soundness and clarity of style and expression. A number of series are also published under this imprint.

ANU Press Textbooks

Originally called ANU eText, this imprint is specifically dedicated to producing to high-quality, open-access textbooks to support world-class education. Since its inception, we have published a number of highly successful textbooks that are now assigned as key resources for students both within Australia and internationally.

The subject areas published by ANU Press Textbooks relate or contribute to the national role of The Australian National University; the imprint aims to build upon the publication strengths of ANU Press.

ANU Press Languages

ANU Press Languages focuses on publishing high-quality language-based texts. Its objective is to promote and showcase exceptional language works from a diverse range of disciplines, publishing textbooks and educational materials that incorporate interactive elements such as video, audio, quizzes and more. Many of the textbooks published through this series have been developed from courses taught at The Australian National University and are also essential readings for other universities.

ANU Press Music

ANU Press Music is Australia’s first open-access university music press and record label, providing a platform for artists and researchers working in musicology, performance, improvisation, intercultural and popular music. Our artists produce scholastic books, recordings and multimedia projects, all of which can be downloaded for free. All musical works are released with accompanying contextual research.

More information about the imprint is available on the ANU Press Music page.

ANU eView

ANU eView was an imprint dedicated to producing exceptional works written by ANU students, primarily focused on publishing student-led journals. This imprint was discontinued in 2018 following the launch of the dedicated student journal publishing platform

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