New Accountabilities, New Challenges

ISBN (print): 9781925022070
ISBN (online): 9781925022087
Publication date: April 2015
Imprint: ANU Press

This important and challenging volume of essays draws on insights from leading academics and public servants from Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and elsewhere. It provides an excellent series of critiques of both the systemic accountabilities and the policy processes of government by drawing on meticulously researched, topical and real-world case studies of governance. Its contribution to the understanding of the applied processes of government in this way is exemplary. Topics covered include: restoring trust in government, parliamentary scrutiny of the APS, administrative law and FOI, budgetary reforms, implementation issues, competition policy, indigenous administration, collaboration with the NGO sector, educational reforms and the changes to the Auditor- General’s mandate.

Dr John Wanna is the Sir John Bunting Chair of Public Administration in the Australia and New Zealand School of Government, and Professor in the School of Politics and International Relations, College of Arts and Social Sciences at The Australian National University.

Dr Evert A. Lindquist is Professor and Director of the School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, Canada and Editor of Canadian Public Administration.

Dr Penelope Marshall holds a PhD in Political Science and teaches at the Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University.