The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG)

The Australia and New Zealand School of Government (ANZSOG) was established as a not-for-profit company in 2002 with the vision of creating a world-leading educational institution that teaches strategic management and high-level policy to public sector leaders. Formed by a consortium of governments, universities and business schools from Australia and New Zealand, the School is also home to a substantial research program that aims to deepen government, community and academic understanding of public administration, policy and management.

Led by Professor John Wanna, who is based at the ANU Research School of Social Sciences, the program’s agenda is built on innovative and cutting edge research in partnership with the public sector and academia to:

  • contribute to continued public sector reform;
  • support development and transmission of good practice in both policy and management;
  • inform debate on key issues in public administration; and
  • maintain the quality and relevance of ANZSOG’s teaching.
Sharpening the Sword of State

Sharpening the Sword of State »

Building executive capacities in the public services of the Asia-Pacific

Edited by: Andrew Podger, John Wanna
ISSN (print): 9781760460723
ISSN (online): 9781760460730
Publication date: November 2016
The Three Sector Solution

The Three Sector Solution »

Delivering public policy in collaboration with not-for-profits and business

Edited by: John Butcher, David Gilchrist
ISSN (print): 9781760460389
ISSN (online): 9781760460396
Publication date: July 2016
Managing Consultants

Managing Consultants »

A practical guide for busy public sector managers

Authored by: Leo Dobes
ISSN (print): 9781760460464
ISSN (online): 9781760460471
Publication date: July 2016

Social cost-benefit analysis in Australia and New Zealand »

The state of current practice and what needs to be done

Authored by: Leo Dobes, George Argyrous, Joanne Leung
ISSN (print): 9781760460198
ISSN (online): 9781760460204
Publication date: April 2016

Managing Under Austerity, Delivering Under Pressure »

Performance and Productivity in Public Service

Edited by: John Wanna, Hsu-Ann Lee, Sophie Yates
ISSN (print): 9781925022667
ISSN (online): 9781925022674
Publication date: October 2015

A Dissident Liberal »

The Political Writings of Peter Baume

Authored by: Peter Baume
Edited by: John Wanna, Marija Taflaga
ISSN (print): 9781925022544
ISSN (online): 9781925022551
Publication date: September 2015

New Accountabilities, New Challenges »

Edited by: John Wanna, Evert A. Lindquist, Penelope Marshall
ISSN (print): 9781925022070
ISSN (online): 9781925022087
Publication date: April 2015

Caretaker Conventions in Australasia »

Minding the shop for government

Authored by: Jennifer Menzies, Anne Tiernan
ISSN (print): 9781925021929
ISSN (online): 9781925021936
Publication date: October 2014

Studies in Australian Political Rhetoric »

Edited by: John Uhr, Ryan Walter
ISSN (print): 9781925021868
ISSN (online): 9781925021875
Publication date: September 2014

Future-Proofing the State »

Managing Risks, Responding to Crises and Building Resilience

Edited by: Jonathan Boston, John Wanna, Vic Lipski, Justin Pritchard
ISSN (print): 9781925021516
ISSN (online): 9781925021523
Publication date: May 2014

Measuring and Promoting Wellbeing »

How Important is Economic Growth?

Edited by: Andrew Podger, Dennis Trewin
ISSN (print): 9781925021318
ISSN (online): 9781925021325
Publication date: April 2014

Putting Citizens First »

Engagement in Policy and Service Delivery for the 21st Century

Authored by: Evert A. Lindquist, Sam Vincent, John Wanna
ISSN (print): 9781922144331
ISSN (online): 9781922144348
Publication date: August 2013

Australian Politics in a Digital Age »

Authored by: Peter John Chen
ISSN (print): 9781922144393
ISSN (online): 9781922144409
Publication date: February 2013

Ministerial Careers and Accountability in the Australian Commonwealth Government »

Edited by: Keith Dowding, Chris Lewis
ISSN (print): 9781922144003
ISSN (online): 9781922144010
Publication date: September 2012

Past Law, Present Histories »

Edited by: Diane Kirkby
ISSN (print): 9781922144027
ISSN (online): 9781922144034
Publication date: September 2012

Public Sector Governance in Australia »

Authored by: Meredith Edwards, John Halligan, Bryan Horrigan, Geoffrey Nicoll
ISSN (print): 9781921862892
ISSN (online): 9781921862908
Publication date: July 2012

With the Benefit of Hindsight »

Valedictory Reflections from Departmental Secretaries, 2004-11

Authored by: John Wanna, Sam Vincent, Andrew Podger
ISSN (print): 9781921862731
ISSN (online): 9781921862748
Publication date: April 2012

Inside the Canberra Press Gallery »

Life in the Wedding Cake of Old Parliament House

Authored by: Rob Chalmers
ISSN (print): 9781921862366
ISSN (online): 9781921862373
Publication date: October 2011

Whistling While They Work »

A good-practice guide for managing internal reporting of wrongdoing in public sector organisations

Authored by: Peter Roberts, A. J. Brown, Jane Olsen
ISSN (print): 9781921862304
ISSN (online): 9781921862311
Publication date: September 2011

Delivering Policy Reform »

Anchoring Significant Reforms in Turbulent Times

Edited by: Evert A. Lindquist, Sam Vincent, John Wanna
ISSN (print): 9781921862182
ISSN (online): 9781921862199
Publication date: April 2011

The Rudd Government »

Australian Commonwealth Administration 2007–2010

Edited by: Chris Aulich, Mark Evans
ISSN (print): 9781921862069
ISSN (online): 9781921862076
Publication date: December 2010

Public Policy »

Why ethics matters

Edited by: Jonathan Boston, Andrew Bradstock, David Eng
ISSN (print): 9781921666735
ISSN (online): 9781921666759
Publication date: October 2010

Fiducial Governance »

An Australian republic for the new millennium

Authored by: John Power
ISSN (print): 9781921666544
ISSN (online): 9781921666551
Publication date: July 2010

Does History Matter? »

Making and debating citizenship, immigration and refugee policy in Australia and New Zealand

Edited by: Klaus Neumann, Gwenda Tavan
ISSN (print): 9781921536946
ISSN (online): 9781921536953
Publication date: September 2009

Framing the Global Economic Downturn »

Crisis rhetoric and the politics of recessions

Edited by: Paul `t Hart, Karen Tindall
ISSN (print): 9781921666049
ISSN (online): 9781921666056
Publication date: September 2009