Framing the Global Economic Downturn »

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Part I. Setting the stage

  1. From ‘market correction’ to ‘global catastrophe’: framing the economic downturn (PDF, 166KB)
    Paul ’t Hart and Karen Tindall
  2. Understanding crisis exploitation: leadership, rhetoric and framing contests in response to the economic meltdown (PDF, 362KB)
    Paul ’t Hart and Karen Tindall

Part II. One crisis, different worlds: the United States and Canada

  1. The United States: crisis leadership in times of transition (PDF, 190KB)
    Isaac Ijjo Donato
  2. Canada: the politics of optimism (PDF, 190KB)
    Anastasia Glushko

Part III. Dark clouds and turbulence in Europe

  1. United Kingdom: the politics of government survival (PDF, 189KB)
    Justin Pritchard
  2. Republic of Ireland: from Celtic tiger to recession victim (PDF, 199KB)
    Adam Masters
  3. France: dominant leadership (PDF, 189KB)
    Natalie Windle
  4. The European Union: from impotence to opportunity? (PDF, 170KB)
    Tully Fletcher

Part IV. No hiding place: the meltdown and the Asia-Pacific Region

  1. Australia: ‘the lucky country’ on a knife edge (PDF, 213KB)
    Matthew Laing and Karen Tindall
  2. New Zealand: electoral politics in times of crisis (PDF, 183KB)
    Michael Jones
  3. Singapore: staying the course (PDF, 164KB)
    Faith Benjaathonsirikul

Part V. Comparisons and reflections

  1. Contesting the frame: opposition leadership and the global financial crisis (PDF, 153KB)
    Brendan McCaffrie
  2. Crisis leadership in terra incognita: why meaning making is not enough (PDF, 114KB)
    Arjen Boin
  3. Framing dilemmas in the quest for successful crisis management (PDF, 116KB)
    Allan McConnell
  4. Managing trans-boundary crises: leadership challenges for the EU Presidency (PDF, 90KB)
    Bengt Sundelius
  5. Public leadership and the social construction of economic catastrophe (PDF, 156KB)
    Paul ’t Hart and Karen Tindall