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  1. Telling Pacific Lives: From Archetype to Icon (PDF, 218KB) Niel Gunson
  2. The Kila Wari Stories: Framing a Life and Preserving a Cosmology (PDF, 1.2MB) Deborah Van Heekeren
  3. From ‘My Story’ to ‘The Story of Myself’—Colonial Transformations of Personal Narratives among the Motu-Koita of Papua New Guinea (PDF, 176KB) Michael Goddard
  4. Mobility, Modernisation and Agency: The Life Story of John Kikang from Papua New Guinea (PDF, 891KB) Wolfgang Kempf
  5. Surrogacy and the Simulacra of Desire in Heian Japanese Women’s Life Writing (PDF, 167KB) Christina Houen
  6. ‘The Story that Came to Me’: Gender, Power and Life History Narratives—Reections on the Ethics of Ethnography in Fiji (PDF, 132KB)Pauline McKenzie Aucoin
  7. A Tartan Clan in Fiji: Narrating the Coloniser ‘Within’ the Colonised (PDF, 155KB) Lucy de Bruce
  8. Telling Lives in Tuvalu (PDF, 144KB) Michael Goldsmith
  9. My History: My Calling (PDF, 207KB)Alaima Talu
  10. Researching, (W)riting, Releasing, and Responses to a Biography of Queen Salote of Tonga (PDF, 137KB) Elizabeth Wood-Ellem
  11. On Being a Participant Biographer: The Search for J.W. Davidson (PDF, 171KB) Doug Munro
  12. ‘You Did What, Mr President!?!?’ Trying to Write a Biography of Tosiwo Nakayama (PDF, 175KB) David Hanlon
  13. Telling the Life of A.D. Patel (PDF, 184KB) Brij V. Lal
  14. On Writing a Biography of William Pritchard (PDF, 143KB) Andrew E. Robson
  15. Writing the Colony: Walter Edward Gudgeon in the Cook Islands, 1898 to 1909 (PDF, 136KB) Graeme Whimp
  16. An Accidental Biographer? On Encountering, Yet Again, the Ideas and Actions of J.W. Burton (PDF, 146KB) Christine Weir
  17. E.W.P. Chinnery: A Self-Made Anthropologist (PDF, 174KB) Geoffrey Gray
  18. Lives Told: Australians in Papua and New Guinea (PDF, 246KB) Hank Nelson
  19. Biography of a Nation: Compiling a Historical Dictionary of the Solomon Islands (PDF, 169KB) Clive Moore