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Part I: A Silver Anniversary

Part II: Then and Now

  1. The Sex Discrimination Act and its Rocky Rite of Passage (PDF, 337KB) Margaret Thornton and Trish Luker
  2. A Radical Prequel: Historicising the Concept of Gendered Law in Australia (PDF, 410KB) Ann Genovese
  3. Women’s Work is Never Done: The Pursuit of Equality and the Commonwealth Sex Discrimination Act (PDF, 2.6MB) Marian Sawer
  4. To Demand Equality is to Lack Ambition’: Sex Discrimination Legislation—Contexts and Contradictions (PDF, 201KB) Susan Magarey

Part III: Critiquing the SDA

  1. The Sex Discrimination Act at 25: Reflections on the Past, Present and Future (PDF, 421KB) Beth Gaze
  2. The Sex Discrimination Act: Advancing Gender Equality and Decent Work? (PDF, 311KB) Sara Charlesworth
  3. Reproducing Discrimination: Promoting the Equal Sharing of Caring Work in CEDAW, at the ILO and in the SDA (PDF, 326KB) Caroline Lambert

Part IV: Equivocations of Equality

  1. Equality Unmodified? (PDF, 325KB) Reg Graycar and Jenny Morgan
  2. And Which ‘Equality Act’ Would that Be? (PDF, 670KB) Simon Rice
  3. Rethinking the Sex Discrimination Act: Does Canada’s Experience Suggest we should give our Judges (PDF, 346KB) Belinda Smith
  4. Equality as a Basic Human Right: Choice and Responsibility (PDF, 373KB) Archana Parashar

Part V: Women’s Rights as Human Rights

  1. Raising Women Up: Analysing Australian Advocacy for Women’s Rights under International and Domestic Law (PDF, 410KB) Susan Harris Rimmer
  2. Can We Feminise Human Rights? (PDF, 457KB) Margaret Thornton
  3. Sex, Race and Questions of Aboriginality (PDF, 255KB) Irene Watson and Sharon Venne