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  1. Introduction (PDF, 118KB)R. J. May doi
  2. Explaining Public Sector Reform Failure: Papua New Guinea 1975–2001 (PDF, 141KB)Mark Turner and David Kavanamur doi
  3. Public Sector Reform Since 2001 (PDF, 128KB)R. J. May doi

Part 1. Sectoral Studies

  1. Economic Policy Making (PDF, 138KB)Satish Chand and Charles Yala doi
  2. Policy Making in Agriculture (PDF, 142KB)Bob McKillop, R. Michael Bourke and Valentine Kambori doi
  3. A Short History of Mineral Development Policies in Papua New Guinea, 1972-2002 (PDF, 291KB)Colin Filer and Benedict Imbun doi
  4. Policy Making in Health (PDF, 132KB)Jane Thomason and Pascoe Kase doi
  5. Formulating and Implementing Education Policy (PDF, 176KB)Richard Guy doi
  6. Lands Policy (PDF, 121KB)Tony Power and Oswald Tolopa doi
  7. Environment and Conservation Policy and Implementation (PDF, 313KB)David Mowbray and John Duguman doi
  8. Forest Sector Policy Making and Implementation (PDF, 200KB)Hartmut Holzknecht and Martin Golman doi
  9. Policy Making on Decentralization (PDF, 175KB)R. J. May doi
  10. Thirty Years of Law and Order Policy and Practice: Trying To Do ‘Too Much, Too Badly, With Too Little’? (PDF, 171KB)Sinclair Dinnen doi
  11. Policy Making in Defence (PDF, 146KB)James Laki and R. J. May doi
  12. Women, Policy Making and Development (PDF, 142KB)Anne Dickson-Waiko doi
  13. Foreign Policy Making (PDF, 156KB)Edward P. Wolfers and Bill Dihm doi

Part 2. Policy Case Studies

  1. The 1997-98 Drought in Papua New Guinea: Failure of Policy or Triumph of the Citizenry? (PDF, 146KB)Bryant J. Allen and R. Michael Bourke doi
  2. Privatization Policy in Papua New Guinea (PDF, 158KB)Timothy Curtin doi
  3. Policy Making on AIDS, to 2000 (PDF, 123KB)John Ballard and Clement Malau doi