Globalisation and Governance in the Pacific Islands »

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  1. Keynote Address — From Neo-Liberalism to the New Medievalism (PDF, 173KB) John Rapley
  2. Treading Water in Rapids? Non-Governmental Organisations and Resistance to Neo-Liberalism in Pacific Island States (PDF, 197KB) Claire Slatter
  3. Regionalism and Cultural Identity: Putting the Pacific back into the plan (PDF, 160KB) Elise Huffer


Labour Migration

  1. Migration, Dependency and Inequality in the Pacific: Old Wine in Bigger Bottles? (Part 1) (PDF, 202KB) John Connell
  2. Migration, Dependency and Inequality in the Pacific: Old Wine in Bigger Bottles? (Part 2) (PDF, 216KB) John Connell
  3. Globalisation, New Labour Migration and Development in Fiji (PDF, 162KB) Manoranjan Mohanty
  4. ‘Tonga Only Wants Our Money’: The children of Tongan migrants (PDF, 169KB) Helen Lee
  5. Labour Mobility in the Pacific: Creating seasonal work programs in Australia (PDF, 271KB) Nic Maclellan and Peter Mares
  6. Contemporary Migration Within the Pacific Islands: The case of Fijian skilled workers in Kiribati and Marshall Islands (PDF, 174KB) Avelina Rokoduru


Sugar and Garments

  1. Fiji: Sugar and sweatshirts, migrants and remittances (PDF, 298KB) Kate Hannan
  2. End of the Line? Globalisation and Fiji’s Garment Industry (PDF, 196KB) Donovan Storey


Corporate and State Governance in Mining and Forestry

  1. Global Capital and Local Ownership in Solomon Islands’ Forestry Industry Tarcisius (PDF, 377KB) Tara Kabutaulaka
  2. Mining, Social Change and Corporate Social Responsibility: Drawing lines in the Papua New Guinea mud (PDF, 174KB) Glenn Banks
  3. The ‘Resource Curse’ and Governance: A Papua New Guinean perspective (PDF, 151KB) Mel Togolo


Tradition, Culture and Politics

  1. Keynote Address — Governance in Fiji: The interplay between indigenous tradition, culture and politics (PDF, 137KB)Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi
  2. The State of the State in Fiji: Some failings in the periphery (PDF, 190KB) Vijay Naidu
  3. Power Sharing in Fiji and New Caledonia (PDF, 255KB) Jon Fraenkel
  4. More Than 20 Years of Political Stability in Samoa under the Human Rights Protection Party (PDF, 186KB) Asofou So’o
  5. Matai Titles and Modern Corruption in Samoa: Costs, expectations and consequences for families and society (PDF, 152KB) A. Morgan Tuimaleali’ifano


Media, Civil Society and Democracy

  1. Keynote Address — Keeping the Information Flow Open: A key condition for good government in Micronesia (PDF, 147KB) Father Francis X. Hezel
  2. Governance, Globalisation and the PNG Media: A survival dilemma (PDF, 165KB) Joe R. Kanekane
  3. Democracy in Papua New Guinea: Challenges from a rights-based approach (PDF, 139KB) Orovu Sepoe
  4. Governance and Livelihood Realities in Solomon Islands (PDF, 137KB) Morgan Wairiu