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Part I: Appreciation

  1. Farm Boys (PDF, 379KB)John Nelson doi
  2. The Boy from Boort (PDF, 100KB)Bill Gammage doi
  3. Talk and Chalk (PDF, 83KB)Ken Inglis doi
  4. Boort and Beyond (PDF, 181KB)Gavan Daws doi
  5. ‘I Don’t Think I Deserve a Pension – We Didn’t Do Much Fighting’: Interviewing Australian Prisoners of War of the Japanese, 1942–1945 (PDF, 387KB)Tim Bowden doi
  6. Doktorvater (PDF, 94KB)Klaus Neumann doi
  7. Hank, My Mentor (PDF, 333KB)Keiko Tamura doi
  8. Papua New Guinea Wantok (PDF, 90KB)Margaret Reeson doi
  9. Coach Nelson (PDF, 90KB)Daniel Oakman doi
  10. Hank of Coombs (PDF, 621KB)Brij V. Lal doi
  11. Hank, My Dad (PDF, 86KB)Michael Nelson doi

Part II: Selected Writing by Hank Nelson

  1. Pedalling History (PDF, 531KB) doi
  2. A Picture: From the Past and without a Past (PDF, 472KB) doi
  3. A Village School (PDF, 149KB) doi
  4. Pictures at Tabara (PDF, 363KB) doi
  5. Minimay: One of 6,000 Weatherboard Schools (PDF, 123KB) doi
  6. From Wagga to Waddington: Australians in Bomber Command (PDF, 1.1MB) doi
  7. Observing the Present: Writing the Past (PDF, 119KB) doi
  8. The Joke in History (PDF, 107KB) doi
  9. Have You Got a Title? Seminar Daze (PDF, 94KB) doi
  10. Em Inap Nau (PDF, 104KB) doi

Part III