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  1. Land and Territory in the Austronesian World (PDF, 226KB) Thomas Reuter
  2. The Origin Structure of Kute Among the Gumai: An Analysis of an Indigenous Territorial Institution in the Highlands of South Sumatra (PDF, 704KB) Minako Sakai
  3. Ritual Domains and Communal Land in the Highlands of Bali (PDF, 463KB) Thomas Reuter
  4. Banua or Negara? The Culture of Land in South Bali (PDF, 825KB) Graeme MacRae
  5. Tanah Berkat (Blessed Land): The Source of the Local in the Banda Islands, Central Maluku (PDF, 209KB) Phillip Winn
  6. Mapping Buru: The Politics of Territory and Settlement on an Eastern Indonesian Island (PDF, 839KB) Barbara Dix Grimes
  7. Traditional Territorial Categories and Constituent Institutions in West Seram: The Nili Ela of ’WELE Telu Batai and the Alune Hena of Ma’saman Uwei (PDF, 565KB) Christine Boulan-Smit
  8. From Domains to Rajadom: Notes on the History of Territorial Categories and Institutions in the Rajadom of Sikka (PDF, 3.9MB) E.D. Lewis
  9. We Are Children Of The Land: A Keo Perspective (PDF, 503KB) Philipus Tule
  10. Contending for Ritual Control of Land and Polity: Comparisons from the Timor Area of Eastern Indonesia (PDF, 167KB) James J. Fox
  11. Fataluku Forest Tenures and the Conis Santana National Park in East Timor (PDF, 329KB) Andrew McWilliam
  12. Self-Scaling the Earth: Relations of Land, Society and Body Among North Mekeo, Papua New Guinea (PDF, 422KB) Mark Mosko
  13. The Ways of the Land-Tree: Mapping the North Pentecost Social Landscape (PDF, 734KB) John P. Taylor
  14. Finishing the Land: Identity and Land Use in Pre- and Post-Colonial North Ambrym (PDF, 200KB) Mary Patterson
  15. People and Place in Tonga: The Social Construction of Fonua in Oceania (PDF, 399KB) Steve Francis