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  1. Precedence in Perspective (PDF, 131KB)
  2. Origin and Precedence: The construction and distribution of status in the highlands of Bali (PDF, 360KB)
  3. Distinguishing Hierarchy and Precedence: Comparing status distinctions in South Asia and the Austronesian world, with special reference to South Sulawesi (PDF, 658KB)
  4. The Discourse and Practice of Precedence (PDF, 239KB)
  5. Trunk and Tip in West Timor: Precedence in a botanical idiom (PDF, 186KB)
  6. Precedence in the Formation of the Domain of Wai Brama and the Rajadom of Sikka (PDF, 335KB)
  7. Precedence, Contestation, and the Deployment of Sacred Authority in a Florenese Village (PDF, 254KB)
  8. A Tale of Two Villages: Hierarchy and precedence in Keo dual organization (Flores, Indonesia) (PDF, 245KB)
  9. Hierarchy, Precedence and Values: Scopes for social action in Ngadhaland, Central Flores (PDF, 146KB)
  10. Hierarchy and Precedence in Keiese Origin Myths (PDF, 131KB)
  11. Contestations: Dynamics of precedence in an eastern Indonesian domain (PDF, 553KB)


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