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  1. China’s New Sources of Economic Growth: A supply-side perspective (PDF, 0.2MB) – Ross Garnaut, Cai Fang, Ligang Song and Lauren Johnston doi

Part I: Reform and Macroeconomic Development

  1. Mostly Slow Progress on the New Model of Growth (PDF, 0.8MB) – Ross Garnaut doi
  2. New Urbanisation as a Driver of China’s Growth (PDF, 1.1MB) – Cai Fang, Guo Zhenwei and Wang Meiyan doi
  3. Forecasting China’s Economic Growth by 2020 and 2030 (PDF, 0.6MB) – Xiaolu Wang and Yixiao Zhou doi
  4. Accounting for the Industry Origin of China’s Growth and Productivity Performance, 1980–2012 (PDF, 0.8MB) – Harry X. Wu doi
  5. Can the Internet Revolutionise Finance in China? (PDF, 1.4MB) – Yiping Huang, Yan Shen, Jingyi Wang and Feng Guo doi
  6. The Necessary Demand-Side Supplement to China’s Supply-Side Structural Reform: Termination of the soft budget constraint (PDF, 0.2MB) – Wing Thye Woo doi
  7. Consumption and Savings of Migrant Households: 2008–14 (PDF, 1.2MB) – Xin Meng, Sen Xue and Jinjun Xue doi
  8. China as a Global Investor (PDF, 0.4MB) – David Dollar doi
  9. Getting Rich after Getting Old: China’s demographic and economic transition in dynamic international context (PDF, 1.0MB) – Lauren Johnston, Xing Liu, Maorui Yang and Xiang Zhang doi
  10. Testing Bubbles: Exuberance and collapse in the Shanghai A-share stock market (PDF, 1.2MB) – Zhenya Liu, Danyuanni Han and Shixuan Wang doi
  11. Changing Patterns of Corporate Leverage in China: Evidence from listed companies (PDF, 1.6MB) – Ivan Roberts and Andrew Zurawski doi

Part II: Resources, Energy, the Environment and Climate Change

  1. Evaluating Low-Carbon City Development in China: Study of five national pilot cities (PDF, 0.4MB) – Biliang Hu, Jia Luo, Chunlai Chen and Bingqin Li doi
  2. Issues and Prospects for the Restructuring of China’s Steel Industry (PDF, 0.8MB) – Haimin Liu and Ligang Song doi
  3. Divergent Industrial Water Withdrawal and Energy Consumption Trends in China: A decomposition and sectoral analysis (PDF, 0.8MB) – Can Wang and Xinzhu Zheng doi
  4. Beyond Trees: Restoration lessons from China’s Loess Plateau (PDF, 0.4MB) – Kathleen Buckingham doi
  5. Policies and Measures to Transform China into a Low‑carbon Economy (PDF, 0.2MB) – ZhongXiang Zhang doi
  6. Managing Economic Change and Mitigating Climate Change: China’s strategies, policies and trends (PDF, 0.5MB) – Fergus Green and Nicholas Stern doi
  7. Issues in Greening China’s Electricity Sector (PDF, 1.4MB) – Xiaoli Zhao doi
  8. Urban Density and Carbon Emissions in China (PDF, 0.4MB) – Jianxin Wu, Yanrui Wu and Xiumei Guo doi