China's Domestic Transformation in a Global Context »

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  1. Domestic Transformation in the Global Context (PDF, 98KB) – Ross Garnaut, Ligang Song, Cai Fang and Lauren Johnston doi

Part I: Domestic transformation and structural change

  1. The New Model of Growth and the Global Resources Economy (PDF, 273KB) – Ross Garnaut doi
  2. A Compelling Case for Chinese Monetary Easing (PDF, 225KB) – Guonan Ma doi
  3. Consequences of China’s Opening to Foreign Banks (PDF, 208KB) – Ran Li, Xiang Li, Wen Lei and Yiping Huang doi
  4. Destination Consumption (PDF, 149KB) – Meiyan Wang and Cai Fang doi
  5. National Energy Market Integration (PDF, 243KB) – Qing King Guo, Chi Keung Marco Lau, Kunwang Li and Ligang Song doi
  6. China’s Gas Market Liberalisation (PDF, 397KB) – Xunpeng Shi and Hari Malamakkavu Padinjare Variam doi
  7. China’s Electricity Sector (PDF, 383KB) – Stephen Wilson, Yufeng Yang and Jane Kuang doi

Part II: China’s participation in global integration

  1. Financial Integration and Global Interdependence (PDF, 215KB) – Rod Tyers doi
  2. Capital Account Liberalisation in China (PDF, 284KB) – Liqing Zhang and Qin Gou doi
  3. The Offshore Renminbi Market and Renminbi Internationalisation (PDF, 330KB) – William Nixon, Eden Hatzvi and Michelle Wright doi
  4. China’s Manufacturing Performance and Industrial Competitiveness (PDF, 137KB) – Kevin H. Zhang doi
  5. China Becomes a Capital Exporter (PDF, 231KB) – Mei (Lisa) Wang, Zhen Qi and Jijing Zhang doi
  6. The Impact of Coastal FDI on Inland Economic Growth in China (PDF, 151KB) – Chunlai Chen doi
  7. China’s Trade Negotiation Strategies (PDF, 151KB) – Fan He and Xiaoming Pan doi
  8. Boom to Cusp (PDF, 171KB) – Lauren Johnston doi
  9. The Trend of China’s Foreign Investment Legal System (PDF, 130KB) – Gao Xiang and Huiqin Jiang doi