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  1. China’s dilemmas in the 21st Century (PDF, 144KB)

Part I Economic growth: determinants and prospects

  1. Will China fall into stagflation? (PDF, 194KB)
  2. American and European financial shocks: implications for Chinese economic performance (PDF, 378KB)
  3. Global production sharing and US-China trade relations (PDF, 412KB)
  4. Rebalancing equity and efficiency for sustained growth (PDF, 194KB)
  5. Rural—urban migrants: a driving force for growth (PDF, 695KB)
  6. Rethinking thirty years of reform in China: implications for economic performance (PDF, 169KB)

Part II Impact of environment degradation and climate change

  1. China’s rapid emissions growth and global climate change policy (PDF, 302KB)
  2. China can grow and still help prevent the tragedy of the CO2 commons (PDF, 344KB)
  3. The political economy of emissions reduction in China: are incentives for low carbon growth compatible? (PDF, 535KB)
  4. The environmental consequences of foreign direct investment in China (PDF, 245KB)
  5. The impact of global warming on Chinese wheat productivity (PDF, 246KB)
  6. Understanding the water crisis in northern China: how do farmers and the government respond? (PDF, 251KB)
  7. The impact of air pollution on mortality in Shanghai (PDF, 233KB)

Part III Energy use, the environment and future trends

  1. Energy and environment in China (PDF, 335KB)
  2. Chinese urban household energy requirements and CO2 emissions (PDF, 431KB)
  3. Can China’s coal industry be reconciled with the environment? (PDF, 447KB)
  4. Emissions and economic development: must China choose? (PDF, 352KB)