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  1. Linking markets for Chinese growth (PDF, 83KB)
  2. Mature Chinese growth leads the global Platinum Age (PDF, 213KB)
  3. Marketisation in China: progress and contribution to growth (PDF, 363KB)
  4. Facing protectionism generated by trade disputes: China’s post WTO blues (PDF, 240KB)
  5. Component trade and China’s global economic integration (PDF, 265KB)
  6. Service sector reform options: the experience of China (PDF, 297KB)
  7. Integrating China’s agricultural economy into the global market: measuring distortions in China’s agricultural sector (PDF, 118KB)
  8. Regional labour market integration since China’s WTO entry: evidence from household–level data (PDF, 180KB)
  9. How much have the wages of unskilled workers in China increased? Data from seven factories in Guangdong (PDF, 315KB)
  10. Domestic market integration and inter–regional growth spillovers (PDF, 443KB)
  11. Foreign direct investment in China: trends and characteristics after WTO accession (PDF, 193KB)
  12. China’s demand for energy: a global perspective (PDF, 475KB)
  13. Crouching bull, hidden bear: the Chinese equities markets in fat years and lean years (PDF, 186KB)
  14. How effective are China’s capital controls? (PDF, 226KB)
  15. Reforming China’s exchange arrangements: monetary and financial sovereignty, sequencing and the foreign exchange market (PDF, 241KB)
  16. China’s real exchange rate (PDF, 307KB)
  17. An externally dependent economy and real estate bubbles (PDF, 530KB)
  18. Economic opening and domestic market integration (PDF, 484KB)
  19. Stepping stones to market integration: the role of economic and technological development zones (PDF, 257KB)
  20. The implications of China’s economic transformation for modern economics (PDF, 233KB)