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  1. Towards a broader understanding of Indigenous disadvantage (PDF, 135KB) - Boyd Hunter and Nicholas Biddle 
  2. Mobile people, mobile measures: Limitations and opportunities for mobility analysis (PDF, 732KB) - John Taylor and Martin Bell 
  3. Fertility and the demography of Indigenous Australians: What can the NATSISS 2008 tell us? (PDF, 398KB) - Kim Johnstone and Ann Evans 
  4. Does the 2008 NATSISS underestimate the prevalence of high risk Indigenous drinking? (PDF, 175KB) - Tanya Chikritzhs and Wenbin Liang 
  5. Improving Indigenous health: Are mainstream determinants sufficient? (PDF, 168KB) - Nicholas Biddle 
  6. What shapes the development of Indigenous children? (PDF, 728KB) - Carrington Shepherd and Stephen R. Zubrick 
  7. The benefits of Indigenous education: Data findings and data gaps (PDF, 210KB) - Nicholas Biddle and Timothy Cameron 
  8. What are the factors determining Indigenous labour market outcomes? (PDF, 578KB) - Prem Thapa, Qasim Shah and Shafiq Ahmad 
  9. The Indigenous hybrid economy: Can the NATSISS adequately recognise difference? (PDF, 1.4MB) - Jon Altman, Nicholas Biddle and Geoff Buchanan 
  10. Is Indigenous poverty different from other poverty? (PDF, 562KB) - Boyd Hunter
  11. Is there a cultural explanation for Indigenous violence? A second look at the NATSISS (PDF, 185KB) - Don Weatherburn and Lucy Snowball 
  12. NATSISS crowding data: What does it assume and how can we challenge the orthodoxy? (PDF, 2.1MB) - Paul Memmott, Kelly Greenop, Andrew Clarke, Carroll Go-Sam, Christina Birdsall-Jones, William Harvey-Jones, Vanessa Corunna and Mark Western 
  13. Do traditional culture and identity promote the wellbeing of Indigenous Australians? Evidence from the 2008 NATSISS (PDF, 279KB) - Alfred Michael Dockery 
  14. A mile wide, inch deep: The future for Indigenous social surveys? (PDF, 176KB) - Matthew Gray