The Social Effects of Native Title »

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  1. The social effects of native title: recognition, translation, coexistence (PDF, 170KB)
  2. Performing law: The Yolngu of Blue Mud Bay meet the native title process (PDF, 2.8MB)
  3. Claim, culture and effect: property relations and the native title process (PDF, 123KB)
  4. Some initial effects of pursuing and achieving native title recognition in the northern Kimberley (PDF, 105KB)
  5. ‘We’re tired from talking’: The native title process from the perspective of Kaanju People living on homelands, Wenlock and Pascoe Rivers, Cape York Peninsula (PDF, 314KB)
  6. Towards an uncertain community? The social effects of native title in central Cape York Peninsula (PDF, 119KB)
  7. Native title and the Torres Strait: encompassment and recognition in the Central Islands (PDF, 124KB)
  8. ‘No vacancies at the Starlight Motel’: Larrakia identity and the native title claims process (PDF, 713KB)
  9. What has native title done to the urban Koori in New South Wales who is also a traditional custodian? (PDF, 117KB)
  10. Beyond native title: the Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (PDF, 321KB)
  11. The limits of recognition (PDF, 156KB)
  12. History, oral history, and memoriation in native title (PDF, 100KB)