Assessing the Evidence on Indigenous Socioeconomic Outcomes »

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  1. Towards a history of Indigenous statistics in Australia (PDF, 126KB)
  2. Statistical needs in Indigenous affairs: the role of the 2002 NATSISS (PDF, 151KB)
  3. The 2002 NATSISS—the ABS survey methodology and concepts (PDF, 211KB)
  4. Selected methodological issues for analysis of the 2002 NATSISS (PDF, 398KB)
  5. Differentials and determinants of Indigenous population mobility (PDF, 234KB)
  6. Aboriginal child mortality in Australia: Recent levels and covariates (PDF, 836KB)
  7. Understanding housing outcomes for Indigenous Australians: what can the 2002 NATSISS add? (PDF, 160KB)
  8. Revisiting the poverty war: income status and financial stress among Indigenous Australians (PDF, 186KB)
  9. Family and community life (PDF, 176KB)
  10. Labour market issues (PDF, 154KB)
  11. Asking the right questions? (PDF, 153KB)
  12. The real ‘real’ economy in remote Australia (PDF, 211KB)
  13. Panel Discussion: Diverse perspectives on the evidence (PDF, 184KB)
  14. Education and training: the 2002 NATSISS (PDF, 127KB)
  15. Indigenous Australians and transport—what can the NATSISS tell us? (PDF, 184KB)
  16. Information and Communication Technology (PDF, 611KB)
  17. Health (PDF, 287KB)
  18. Substance use in the 2002 NATSISS (PDF, 349KB)
  19. Crime and justice issues (PDF, 164KB)
  20. Culture (PDF, 118KB)
  21. Language (PDF, 151KB)
  22. Torres Strait Islanders and the national survey model (PDF, 263KB)
  23. Social justice and human rights: using Indigenous socioeconomic data in policy development (PDF, 155KB)
  24. Influencing Indigenous policy making with statistics (PDF, 96KB)