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  1. Introduction (PDF, 358KB) A. J. Brown and Marika Donkin

Part I

  1. The incidence and significance of whistleblowing (PDF, 584KB) A. J. Brown, Evalynn Mazurski and Jane Olsen
  2. Who blows the whistle, who doesn’t and why? (PDF, 272KB) Richard Wortley, Peter Cassematis and Marika Donkin
  3. How do officials report? Internal and external whistleblowing (PDF, 276KB) Marika Donkin, Rodney Smith and A. J. Brown
  4. The good, the bad and the ugly: whistleblowing outcomes (PDF, 370KB) Rodney Smith and A. J. Brown
  5. Whistleblower mistreatment: identifying the risks (PDF, 317KB) A. J. Brown and Jane Olsen

Part II

  1. Support for whistleblowing among managers: exploring job satisfaction and awareness of obligations (PDF, 602KB) Paul Mazerolle and A. J. Brown
  2. Investigations: improving practice and building capacity (PDF, 235KB) Margaret Mitchell
  3. Internal witness support: the unmet challenge (PDF, 199KB) A. J. Brown and Jane Olsen
  4. Evaluating agency responses: comprehensiveness and the impact of whistleblowing procedures (PDF, 273KB) Peter Roberts
  5. Best-practice whistleblowing legislation for the public sector: the key principles (PDF, 212KB) A. J. Brown, Paul Latimer, John McMillan and Chris Wheeler
  6. Project findings: an agenda for action (PDF, 157KB)A. J. Brown and Chris Wheeler