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Part I. Introduction

  1. It was the best of times; it was the worst of times (PDF, 227KB)Chris Aulich doi
  2. Issues and agendas for the term (PDF, 295KB)John Wanna doi

Part II. The Institutions of Government

  1. The Australian Public Service: new agendas and reform (PDF, 434KB)John Halligan doi
  2. Continuity and change in the outer public sector (PDF, 816KB)Roger Wettenhall doi
  3. The Rudd administration and the Senate: business as usual (PDF, 366KB)Harry Evans doi
  4. Federalism: a fork in the road? (PDF, 716KB)Geoff Anderson and Andrew Parkin doi
  5. The opposition (PDF, 856KB)Gwynneth Singleton doi

Part III. Policy Issues

  1. Citizen-centred policy making under Rudd: network governance in the shadow of hierarchy? (PDF, 153KB)David Marsh, Chris Lewis and Paul Fawcett doi
  2. The education revolutionary road: paved with good intentions (PDF, 904KB)Carole Kayrooz and Stephen Parker doi
  3. The economy (PDF, 989KB)Anne Garnett and Phil Lewis doi
  4. Climate change (PDF, 171KB)Andrew Macintosh, Deb Wilkinson and Richard Denniss doi
  5. Sorry, but the Indigenous affairs revolution continues (PDF, 1.4MB)Will Sanders and Janet Hunt doi
  6. Foreign policy (PDF, 1.1MB)Andrew Carr and Chris Roberts doi

Part IV. Rudd as Prime Minister

  1. The rise and fall of the magic kingdom: understanding Kevin Rudd’s domestic statecraft (PDF, 1.3MB)Mark Evans doi