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  1. Putting Citizens First: Engagement in policy and service delivery for the 21st century (PDF, 330KB)Evert Lindquist

Part I. Setting the Scene: The evolving landscape for citizen engagement

  1. Engaging Citizens: Can Westminster coexist with meaningful citizen-centric engagement? (PDF, 339KB)Gerry Stoker
  2. Beyond New Public Management: Will governments let citizens and communities determine policy choices and service mixes? (PDF, 1.6MB)Don Kettl
  3. Citizens and Governments: Getting closer or further apart? (PDF, 436KB)Rolf Alter

Part II. Drivers for Change: Innovations in citizen-centric governance

  1. Engaging Citizens in Policy Innovation: Benefiting public policy from the design inputs of citizens and stakeholders as ‘experts’ (PDF, 359KB)Christian Bason
  2. Engaging Citizens in Co-producing Service Outcomes (PDF, 259KB)John Alford
  3. Citizens, Customers, Clients or Unwilling Clients? Different and effective strategies for citizen-centric delivery (PDF, 383KB)Lynelle Briggs
  4. Measuring Citizen Feedback and Gauging Citizen Satisfaction (PDF, 951KB)Bette-Jo Hughes
  5. Information Technology and New Media as Tools of Engagement (PDF, 245KB)Martin Stewart-Weeks

Part III. Case Studies: Land management and Indigenous empowerment

  1. From Little Things, Big Things Grow: The rise of Landcare and citizen-orientated land management in Victoria (PDF, 237KB)Jenny Pequignot
  2. Volunteers as Agents of Co-production: The example of NSW State Reserves (PDF, 196KB)Peter Houghton
  3. Indigenous Empowerment in Land Management (PDF, 309KB)Mark Chmielewski
  4. Improving Indigenous Access: Three practitioner perspectives on citizen engagement (PDF, 466KB)Adrienne Gillam, Ian Mackie and Michael Hansen

Part IV. Case Studies: Fostering community engagement and connectedness

  1. Singapore’s Social Safety Net and Human Service Provisions (PDF, 246KB)Ang Bee Lian
  2. Challenges in Engaging Citizens as Partners in the Community Sector (PDF, 287KB)Yehudi Blacher
  3. Challenges in Engaging Citizens as Partners in Housing (PDF, 209KB)Shane Chisholm
  4. Building Citizen Feedback into Program Redesign (PDF, 511KB)James Mowat, Jim Scully and David Sweeney
  5. New Ways of Engaging Citizens in Service Delivery (PDF, 463KB)Nicole Pietrucha and Jo Sammut
  6. Dilemmas of Engagement: Seriously empowering our community (PDF, 318KB)Deb Symons

Part V. Case Studies: Engaging with information technology and new media

  1. Volunteers as Agents of Co-production: ‘Mud armies’ in emergency services (PDF, 328KB)Fiona Rafter
  2. Informing Tax Policy Legislation: Thinking differently about consultation processes (PDF, 191KB) - Mary Craig
  3. Inland Revenue New Zealand: From hosting consultations to managing conversations (PDF, 152KB)Gail Kelly