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  1. Ethics and public policy (PDF, 142KB)Jonathan Boston, Andrew Bradstock, and David Eng doi

Part I: Ethical foundations of public policy

  1. Justice, humanity, and prudence (PDF, 135KB)Tom Campbell doi
  2. Doing ethical policy analysis (PDF, 144KB)Michael Mintrom doi
  3. The public servant as analyst, adviser, and advocate (PDF, 180KB)David Bromell doi
  4. Be careful what you wish for (PDF, 150KB)John Uhr doi

Part II: Ethics of climate change

  1. The most important thing about climate change (PDF, 170KB)John Broome doi
  2. Recognising ethics to help a constructive climate change debate (PDF, 285KB)Andy Reisinger and Howard Larsen doi
  3. Sharing the responsibility of dealing with climate change: Interpreting the principle of common but differentiated responsibilities (PDF, 149KB)Dan Weijers, David Eng, and Ramon Das doi
  4. Virtue and the commons (PDF, 159KB)Xavier Márquez doi

Part III: Perspectives on ethics and the economy

  1. Tackling economic inequality (PDF, 160KB)Andrew Bradstock doi
  2. Is ethics important for economic growth? (PDF, 369KB)David Rea doi
  3. Regulation of financial markets: Panics, moral hazard, and the long-term good (PDF, 246KB)Simon Smelt doi
  4. An alternative reply to the free-rider objection against unconditional citizenship grants (PDF, 154KB)Julia Maskivker doi