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  1. Understanding Public Leadership: An Introduction (PDF, 159KB) Paul ’t Hart and John Uhr

Part I: Democracy and Public Leadership

  1. The Neglected Problem of Democratic Leadership (PDF, 125KB) John Kane and Haig Patapan
  2. Distributed Authority in a Democracy: The Lattice of Leadership Revisited (PDF, 114KB) John Uhr
  3. Towards Leader Democracy? (PDF, 122KB) Jan Pakulski and John Higley

Part II: Understanding Public Leadership: Emergent Approaches

  1. Identity Confers Power: The New View of Leadership in Social Psychology (PDF, 135KB) John C. Turner and Katherine J. Reynolds and Emina Subasic
  2. Leadership as Response not Reaction: Wisdom and Mindfulness in Public Sector Leadership (PDF, 145KB) Paul Atkins
  3. Bodies and Persona in Constructing Leadership Capital (PDF, 122KB) Amanda Sinclair
  4. Perceptions of Leadership (PDF, 146KB) Keith Dowding
  5. History, Biography and Leadership: Grasping Public Lives (PDF, 122KB) Barry Gustafson

Part III: Spheres of Public Leadership Practices

  1. The Institutionalisation of Leadership in the Australian Public Service (PDF, 131KB) Catherine Althaus and John Wanna
  2. Informal Public Leadership: The Case of Social Movements (PDF, 125KB) David West
  3. Outsiders or Insiders? Strategic Choices for Australian Indigenous Leadership (PDF, 117KB) Will Sanders
  4. From Bean-Counter to War Leader: National Security and Australian Public Leadership (PDF, 121KB) Hugh White
  5. Police Leadership in Australia: Managing Networks (PDF, 124KB) Jenny Fleming and Rob Hall
  6. Political and Media Leadership in the Age of YouTube (PDF, 162KB) Stuart Cunningham

Part IV: Australian Political Leadership

  1. Is There a Command Culture in Politics? The Canberra Case (PDF, 127KB) James Walter
  2. Leadership Practices: Reflections on Australian Political Leadership (PDF, 129KB) David Kemp
  3. Styles of Conservative Leadership in Australian Politics (PDF, 119KB) Wayne Errington
  4. Reinventing Australian Conservatism in the States: New Leadership and the Liberal Revival under Bolte and Askin (PDF, 126KB)Norman Abjorensen
  5. The Retiring Premiers: A New Style of Leadership Transition (PDF, 127KB) Paul Strangio

Part V: Political Leadership: New Zealand

  1. Taming Leadership? Adapting to Institutional Change in New Zealand Politics (PDF, 124KB) Raymond Miller
  2. Comparing Pathways to Power: Women and Political Leadership in New Zealand (PDF, 125KB) Jennifer Curtin
  3. Are Women Leaders Different? Margaret Thatcher and Helen Clark (PDF, 117KB) Marian Simms